Hi there,
Welcome to IngeniumTeeshirt.

This project was made because of the passion of a guy who was inspired by the world we living in. His dream was to create his own fashion label and lately a small business. All he wanted was to create unique, cool and limited edition t-shirt, hoodie designs which can’t be purchased in high street shops .

IngeniumTeeshirts is a small boutique design studio established in 1998 by then very young guy with the only idea to do what he really likes – to create interesting and different designs for open minded people with free spirit.

So, if you wanna be different like someone who stands out of the crowd, you came at the right place now. If you like what you see, don’t wait – BUY IT! This way you will support the designer.

You can buy IngeniutTeeshirts designs from few platforms online.
Our clothing designs are unique and can’t be found in high street shops and malls!
Your order will be delivered almost everywhere in the world.

You can help IngeniumTeeshirts by telling your friends about our designs and also share them with the world.

Send us your feedback about our designs and share a photo of already purchased items. We care what we offer and every opinion is important for development of what we do.

Thanks 😉

Visit our main site www.ingeniumteeshirts.com



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